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I also offer to my clients chakra balancing.    
Sometimes our chakras are in conflict within our own being. Maybe we really want the basket moved, but fearful if we move it today we will miss it tomorrow. Coming from a place of lack. "Um, well, the basket is there, but I really don't like it there, I think you should move it, but if you move it, that might not be good. I don't know, maybe I still want it there." If one communicates in that way things really get confused. Perhaps we really want the basket moved, but feel guilty because it might offend someone. We worry about what someone  else might think. "Do you like this basket there? I don't know, I put it there last week, but now I think it maybe not the right place. Do you think you want to move it?



This service allows you to reunite with those you have separated from or gives you another chance at the relationship. Being in a relationship is the exchange of energy and at times can be very emotional when you seperate or want closure. This reading give you a chance to have a second chance with love or finally allow you to move on into a new relationship. If you are having trouble in a relationship or want to prepare for a new one, we recommend this services as you explore your inner self, relationships and love.

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I help my clients to achieve happiness in their lifes.

Happiness. When most people are asked what they want, the most common answer is happiness. I often reply, happiness is a feeling, not a goal. The achievement, the gaining of a physical thing or end result of a goal attained often does not bring the desired feeling of happiness that most people hope it will. Often it is letdown.  
Chakras, wheels of light, are invisible grooves of energy consciousness.  

Chakras vibrate our unique individual personality traits, quirks, strengths, weaknesses and "miasmas" of trigger, response, thought and unconscious actions, both positive and negative. Life enhancing and self-defeating. Every mammal has them. Automatic and mostly uncontrollable.