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I'm not like other psychics. I am Lauren, psychic reader, spiritual healer, and what I like to describe myself as, a transformationalist (which basically means I can help you transform your energy).
I would love to help you find the psychic answers and spiritual healing you are seeking. I was born with the psychic abilities. i am the fourth generation psychic and i helped many people with all different types of problems such as marriage, relationships, all types of love problems, depressions and anxiety and all types of disorders.With almost two decades of reading and healing individuals from all walks of life and around the globe, I have discovered that not everyone is in the same place on their spiritual path.
I am a clairvoyant based in Downers Grove, Illinois. My spiritual life has been devoted to seeking out my own answers and healing. I am passionate about sharing all that I've discovered with others.


   My spiritual consulting helps people to understand better relationships that they have built in their lifes. I offer spiritual guidance to all my cleints. No spiritual job is to big or small.
Being concise and meticulous with our word helps life move with grace and flow between co-creators. It is a wise practice to become clear within our own chakra system before expressing any request, criticism or comment to another whose consciousness may express things very differently. And when in doubt, asking a question is very helpful. "What do you mean by that?"  Helps our understanding and makes for good communication.

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Balancing and properly aligning the chakras will enable you to clear away emotional and health problems caused by malnourished chakras. Chakra balancing is done in many ways, thru food, meditation, spiritual balancing, crystals & chakra candles specially created for each person and their chakras. Your chakras are your spiritual magnets that connect you to positive elements of your life. For many centuries chakra balancing has taken place in India & many other countries. Only in the past few decades has the American culture recognized this.

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